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Looking for NRI PAN application?
Get professional help, forms, etc, from us
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  How the process works? 1 Start by applying online to receive forms, etc 2 Fill them using our help
& send them to us.
3 We get it processed
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With so many sites offering thousands of forms all over the internet, it gets very difficult for a person to understand what NRI PAN forms are needed and where to download them. If you are one of those, then please feel free to write into us and we can send you the required paperwork.

Incase of new or fresh PANcard:

  • For NRIs holding Indian passport: Form 49A

  • For OCI - overseas citizenship card holder: Form 49AA

  • For a PIO - person of India origin: Form 49AA

  • For a person having only foreign Passport: Form 49AA

  • For Indian passport holder residing in India: Form 49A

Incase of Lost, duplicate, changes or corrections:

  • Everyone including NRIs, PIOs and OCIs; would need a the form called: Corrections & Changes application.

What are the costs involved?

Rs.2400 for a new and Rs.2200 per applicant for a duplicate, corrections, changes, etc.

How much time does it take?

Minimum 15-20 working days.

Documents that are required

As every category is different, we would advise you to inquire into us about what papers you would have to submit.

Several steps have been taken by the Income Tax department to ensure that it is easy and convenient to obtain the PAN card. The process is as follows:

  • The basic document necessary to obtain the PAN card is form 49A. This has to be collected from IT PAN service centers.

  • You can find out the location and any other details of these service centers from the following sources:
    - Your local office of Income tax.
    - The website of the income tax department (
    - The website of the UTIISL (
    - The UTIISL has also opened counters to handle PAN applications. There are currently at least one such counter in 501 major cities with the big metropolises having more than one. They are generally set up in IT offices.

  • Apart from this, 50 designated branches of UTI MF also handle PAN related services.

  • The completed form along with the photograph (3.5 X 2.5 cm), proof of residence and proof of identity have to be submitted at the counters of the IT PAN service centers.

  • A fee of Rs.94 plus tax has to be given if you are a resident Indian and Rs. 944 if you are a non resident.

  • These applications will be forwarded to the National Computer Center of the IT department who will process them.

  • They will allocate the PAN number and forward it to the UTIISL office.

  • They will prepare the laminated card with the hologram.

  • The entire process will be carried out in accordance with procedures in ISO 9001-2000 to ensure a high level of quality service.

  • You can track the status of your PAN card via a web enabled system set up by the UTIISL.

  • The PAN card will reach you by post in approximately fifteen days.



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Thank you so much for sending me the link to download the pdf version of the forms. I was so tired of searching for a long time now.
Akshay Ahuja - Perth, Australia

I did not know how to fill the application as an NRI, but after so much of work, I found your website which was very helpful. Your team not only provided me with proper instructions and guidelines about filling the forms but also help me submit my case to the department. I would like to thank you for all your support and kindness.
Leena Thomas - Dubai, UAE

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