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these steps:
1 Get started by paying charges. 2 Receive forms, fill
& send them to us.
3 Thats it. We do the rest
till you receive it.

Our Total Fee = Rs.2200 or approx USD$44. (includes Govt NRI fee of Rs.962).
Time involved = 15-20 days (time prescribed by the Govt department).
Supporting documents required = Go to: 'apply page' to see the list of docs you need to submit.

Why do you need to apply for PAN card changes?

  • The PAN card contains some of your vital information like name, address, PAN number, date of birth and your photograph. Your PAN number is unique and unchanging. However, you may wish to apply for other changes.

  • If the name is changed due to marriage or any other reason, then you will have to apply for a change in name.

  • The address may change due to various reasons. You may have moved because of your job, family reasons or your health. When your permanent address changes, you need to apply for a change in the PAN card.

  • The PAN card is widely accepted as a valid photo identity in India. That is why it is vital to have all the changes updated in the PAN card.

How to register for a PAN card change?

The process of applying for a PAN card change is as follows:

  • Through this website you can apply for any type of correction or change that you need to get done in your existing PANcard. We have 1000s of clients worldwide who we have helped.

  • Begin your process by making the appropriate service charges to download the 'PAN changes and correction form' and get professional guidance from our executive.

  • You will have to fill the forms with some essential information like your name, address and date of birth.

  • Where the changes have to be done, you have to select the left column of the appropriate field with a checkmark and specify the information you want updated. Then you just send your application to us along with the supporting documents.

  • During the stage of formal level validation, your PAN data will be displayed online. You should verify that all the PAN changes have been made according to your request. If there are any corrections to be made, you should update it immediately. The site will then ask you to confirm the changes. Just select the confirm option. Your data will be changed accordingly.

  • You will have to supply the same documents that you needed to apply for the PAN card for the first time. If you are changing your name or address, proof of the new name or new address will be required.

  • Thus, with the help of this website and our services as an agent, you can obtain the necessary changes in your PAN card within a fortnight.

  Why is it so necessary to get such changes?

The PAN card is one document that you need for a variety of purposes involving financial transactions. Whether you are setting up your company or simply trying to buy a house or obtain a telephone connection or a cellular phone connection, you will be required to present your PAN card.

Even making deposits in banks and post offices require quoting of the PAN number. That is why it is vital to have the changes made in the PAN card so that you can carry out all the financial dealings normally. So, get your details updated for proper taxation to have a valid PAN card.

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I could not get my maiden name changed but then I stumbled across your site. Your expert guidance help me get changes in no time. Thanks a lot.
Ajay Chauhan - Washington, USA

I wanted to update my foreign communication address for a long time, but no success. My humble gratitude to your executive for helping me out.
Divya Bharati - Perth, Australia

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