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What role do we play (our process)?
We are a private broker firm, and we focus on making the complex Government PAN process simple and hassle free for our clients. We provide you with necessary forms + help you fill the forms + advise you on what legal documents would be needed + you send the pan package to us + we scrutinize it + submit it to the pan department + closely work with the pan officer to get it processed with no hassles + make sure your process does not get stuck and if it does then we coordinate you with solutions, etc till you receive it at your foreign address or office.

What are the charges?
Our total PAN assistance fee is Rs.2400 per applicant for a new pan card and Rs.2200 per applicant for a duplicate or correction case.

What all is covered in the fee (breakup of charges)?
Our assistance fee covers, Govt processing fee + demand draft making charges + our service fee + Govt mailing charges to send PANcard to you.

What documents are needed?
Well, every case is different. For example getting a PAN for an OCI would require different documents as compared to a PIO applying for one. You can write into us to know what documents you might have to submit.

How many days?
As this is a Government process, quoting a time is very difficult. However it does not take more than 15-20 days to receive a pan card at an international location from the date of submitting an application to the respected processing authority. There have been instances when this stipulated time can be less or may be more than 15 days.

Is there any discount if there are more than 1 applicant?
We regret, but we do have any discount policies. However if you have a bulk order then please feel free to write into us and we can discuss the same and see what can be done.

How is it shipped?
The department sends it via India speed post (Govt courier) service. It comes with a consignment number that can be tracked online to see the status of your shipment. If you have any special request then we can arrange to ship it using FEDEX, DHL, UPS, etc; however if there are any extra costs, then it would be borne by the applicant.

Who are we and how reliable is our company?
We (indiapancard.in) is an online brand of ni2 Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd, a registered company with the Ministry of company affairs (MCA) in India.  Ni2 is the proud firm behind the global financial investment brand for NRIs - NriInvestIndia.com - leader in NRI services. We have been in business for last 5 years now and have helped over 150000 non residents from various parts of the world. On the same lines we have also assisted big firms like: Tulsa university, Volkswagen, Frontline securities, Millennium Pictures, etc to name a few.

How is my data secure and how do you promise its confidentiality?
We know in today's world getting into things like identity theft is easy, and for this we have a very strict policy wherein we do not share any of our clients data with any third party. All the supporting documents of yours is submitted to the Govt agency and if we are left with anything then we make sure that it is shredded/destroyed soon after your application is submitted to the Govt. A client's privacy is our utmost priority. Please do read our privacy policy for the same.

How and where do I send my application kit (can I send a soft copy)?
Unfortunately the department does not accept softcopies of the application as they need your original signatures on it. Thus one has to send his properly filled application kit to our India office. Kindly look for our complete address under our contact page.

Do you return back my documents?
None of the documents are returned back. All of it is submitted to the Govt department as it is demanded by them. However if there are any unused documents then they are simply shredded or destroyed. But if you wish to get them back, then on special request from you; we can arrange to mail them back. Please be advised that the applicant would have to pay for any charges incurred on such a practice.

Is there any discount if there are more than 1 applicant?
We regret, but we do have any discount policies. However if you have a bulk order then please feel free to write into us and we can discuss the same and see what can be done.

Where are we located?
We are an Indian company located in Delhi NCR. Please check our contact page to see our full address and phone numbers to reach us.

font color="#E44D08">OTHER GENERAL FAQS:

What is a PAN card?
The PAN card is a laminated photo identity card which is issued to individuals and companies by the Income Tax department of the Government of India. It includes a number of vital information like name, address, date of birth and, most importantly, your PAN number. This is the permanent account number which is unique to every PAN card holder. It is a ten digit alphanumeric code which is issued by the income tax department. If your name or address changes, you can apply to the IT department to make the relevant changes, but the PAN number remains valid for life.

What does the IT (Income Tax) department do with the PAN?
The PAN helps the IT department link all transactions with a person. The PAN serves as a mechanism to document all transactions of a person. The IT department ensures through the PAN that everyone is paying their taxes.
You may visit the website of the Income Tax of India Department for further details. To be on the safer side of the Income Tax laws in India it is ideal to have a PAN as the initial step.

Any Advantages?
Unfortunately there are not many benefits of having a PAN number. Rather it is compulsory these days to have one if you wish to invest or do financial transaction here in India. However one of the good benefit is that once you get it your TDS might go down to 10% or so if you a foreign entity raising invoices to get paid.

Difference between a PANcard and PAN number?
While PAN numbers are used for tax filing, the PAN card is not. The PAN card is just a physical representation of the PAN. You can provide photocopies of the PAN for various purposes rather than give the original. When you open a bank account, be it a demat, current, savings, NRO, or any type of account, you simply provide a photocopy of the original PAN card. This is more than sufficient for you to get started with your financial transactions. In fact this is adequate for you to transact with anyone in any part of the world. The PAN has revolutionized the way we work and transact. It has brought visibility, accountability and most importantly justice to tax payers of India. The PAN card is not a double edged sword. In fact, it is not a sword at all. It is a simple tool that can change the destiny of the nation.

Why do you need it?
As it is an alphanumeric combination that identifies you as a tax paying citizen of the country, the main purpose is to identify you under the Income Tax Act 1961. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) supervises the distribution of PANs through the Indian Income Tax Department.
The PAN is a national identification number. You can use the PAN card at various places to identify you. It serves as a valid proof of identity. Whenever you perform financial transactions domestically or internationally, you use the PAN. Be it opening a salary account, a demat account, receiving your salary or even sale of your assets; you need your PAN. All your financial transactions are routed through the PAN. The Indian Income Tax department uses your PAN to monitor your financial transactions. PAN is required by banks if you want to open a bank account. This process has
streamlined a lot of things.

Exceptions to not having a PAN?
If you don’t have the PAN, you may not conduct many financial transactions. However for some transactions, you can use Form 60 and Form 61 as an alternative. It is not mandatory for non-resident Indians and farmers to quote their PAN if the transaction is below Rs.50,000.
The PAN has defined the way people transact. It has helped regulate the flow of money and has helped the government "see" the money within the country.

How to apply for a fresh one?
The process for application for PAN has been streamlined in India. If you are an NRI, and you want to apply for a PAN, you could do it yourself, or with a small fee get it done through agents.
The application for PAN is made using Form 49AA. You download the form from Income Tax department, UTIISIL or NSDL websites. You can also pick up this form from the nearest IT PAN Service and TIN Facilitation centers.

To apply for a PAN, you can do it from overseas as a NRI too. You need the following documents:
1. A Stamp Size photograph
2. Proof identity and address
3. Assessing Officer details
If you are living in another country, you may vest authority to a representative to represent you on your behalf in the form of 'power of attorney document'.

How to get a re-print if the original is lost?
Applying for a lost PAN card is difficult but definitely not tough. You need to provide a copy of your PAN proof, and this can be your return copy or a photocopy of your lost one. There are times when the department can accept an FIR from the police as well to print you a new hardcopy. You just need to fill a PAN lost/correction form for the same.

How can I get changes or corrections done?
If you want corrections or changes to be done, then you can get this done by filling up a correction/change form. Example: If you wish to get your father name, date of birth or address then this can be done. One can also get changes made to their card like deleting or adding back your maiden name, etc.

Where can I track status?
One can keep an eye these days on the status of his case by using his coupon or acknowledgement number. You may go to one of the links below to check your status any time of the day:
NSDL cases:

UTI cases:

Is it compulsory to file taxes once you get a PAN?
Many people think that the PAN card is used for tax purposes only. This is a myth doing the rounds. This myth has deterred people from taking the PAN. In rural areas, people are frightened to take this number thinking that this is related to income tax, and the Income Tax Department in India has a formidable reputation of being extremely punitive on wayward tax payers.

Can I cancel it later?
Once a PAN is issued it cannot be canceled. Basically a PAN is issued for life and you can only cancel it if you were allotted another PAN number by mistake. You can cancel the PAN that you do not wish to keep out of the two, by logging into the Income Tax website.

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